G’day Welcome to Pure Coastal.
Based on the Surf Coast, Victoria, we use the best ingredients sourced from our Australian Coasts, Oceans & Bushland to make our wonderful natural, organic and environmentally friendly personal care products.
We began our Pure Coastal journey because we simply love our precious natural world, we are always looking to find a better way to care for our family, friends, oceans, coasts and 
marine life so we want to ensure we are always seeking ways look after and spread 
awareness about our fragile environment, for future generations to enjoy.
The calm of the ocean, the serenity of the bushland. The coastal lifestyle and all it has to offer has inspired our Pure Coastal collection and movement. It’s the connection to our landscape and how it can heal us inside and out. Pure Coastal is natural, organic and environmentally friendly. Our products are thoughtfully considered from a scientific angle as well as from a natural view.